It is no new information that cycling is very popular in the Dutch as the country have a mistrust of motorized vehicles and believe that the bike is right. There are many reasons that have led to the fact that Dutch as a country would prefer bikes over cars as they consider it a safer transport. So it can be deduced that the Dutch take their cycling very seriously and if they treat cycling very seriously they would surely be taking their bicycles even more seriously. There is a common saying that a Dutch bicycle is not an instrument of transport but a piece of art. The Dutch design their bicycles in such a manner that it allows their rider to swing their legs over in any form as well and they can be ridden using any comfortable attire. Precautions are also in place to ensure that there are no sticky oil chain marks on your clothing by placing mud guards. It is also believed that a Dutch retro bicycle is so comfortable to ride, you could be having a cup of tea while riding it although that is not considered appropriate. Comprised below are a few of the reasons you want to definitely try and ride a Dutch retro bicycle.

The very first reason for you to try a retro Dutch bike is that it is very easy to ride. The sit up style of the bike is so comfortable that it keeps your body in a more comfortable position. Also, the seat or the saddle has extra cushioning in order to prevent any saddle-soreness.

Another element of a retro Dutch bicycle is that it allows you to style yourself with any type of clothing you want. There are guards over the chain and mud guards are also installed in order to avoid you getting any stains on your clothing. Aside from your dressing, the retro Dutch bicycles are very in-style themselves as they give off a look that is pleasing to the eye.

There is also the fact that Dutch bicycles have very low maintenance costs. Apart from the initial cost, you will find that you will need to spend very less afterward as these bikes tend to give off their value for money and can even be passed from generation to generation.

Other factors include the health benefits it provides as cycling keeps you healthy and gives you the convenience to have a conversation with your friends while to cycle together to your destination.